What You Should Know About Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is mainly to provide safety to the kids. There have been several incidents of children drowning in swimming pools in their homes. Thus, pool fence has become a safety barrier necessity required by the state law and regulation. Moreover, pool fencing has evolved to provide more than security. It adds sophistication and elegance to your pool’s overall look, and glass pool fencing offers just that. However, before installing your glass pool fence, there are some things that you should have the understanding;

Can a Glass Pool Fence Break?

Many people have looked at the glass as something that breaks or shatters easily. However, it is not a similar concept when it comes to a glass pool fence. The material used for glass pool fencing is solid and durable, with the correct thickness to offer safety and protection. The probability of a glass pool fence shattering is one in a thousand. Besides, the glass panels can withstand high temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. During the glass panels manufacturing for pool fencing, the toughened glass is heated up to 700 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it is unlikely for glass to break, and in the event it happens so, it shatters into small cubes and not sharp pieces.

Is it Safe for Kids?

The idea of fencing the pool is to ensure that kids do not access the pool and its surroundings quickly. Glass fencing turns out to be an excellent pool barrier due to its smooth surface making it difficult to climb. Furthermore, the glass panels are fitted closely together; hence kids cannot pass through in between or under the glass pool fence. Additionally, since the glass is transparent, you can see through it and monitor the activities taking place at the pool. Therefore, you can keep an eye on your kids who have attained the age of swimming alone.

Glass Pool Fence Maintenance

Your responsibility as a pool owner does not end at successfully installing the glass pool fence around the pool. You have to ensure that that the wall is adequately maintained. Otherwise, it will not serve its purpose of providing security and safety to your family. When the pool is regularly maintained, you will keep your kids from slipping and drowning and the occurrence of injuries. Also, replace and repair damaged latched, hinges or palings to prevent extensive damages to your fence. Luckily, maintaining a glass pool fence is easy and takes less time. With a scratch-free cloth, soapy solution, elbow grease, and squeegee, you can clean your glass pool fence to look amazing.

In conclusion, if you need a fence that will showcase your pool’s elegance and beauty, then glass pool fencing will be a perfect choice. However, ensure that you consider other factors like your needs and budget before selecting the fence type and you should know about glass pool fencing regulations Gold Coast. Moreover, the glass pool fence is durable, offers safety, and easy to maintain. Knowing different kinds of glass pool fencing will help you decide which option suits your taste and style. Remember to adhere to the various laws and regulations governing pool fencing in your state.

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